Buying MMF Vintage

Since the beginning of 1919, a large number of pieces of outstanding artisan quality have been produced at the Märta Måås-Fjetterström studio.  Lasting several generations, MMF Vintage focuses on the lasting beauty and value of these used rugs and tapestries.

All objects have been thoroughly checked, and any repairs are undertaken in the original workshop  by our expert Artisan Weavers.

Contact us, and we will assist in finding the perfect object for you!

Do you have an object to consign?

We are always looking for new objects for MMF Vintage. The objects are sold as consignments, and we are responsible for insurance, photography and sales. Before making a consignment agreement, we thoroughly inspect the object, and specify any measures to be taken before a sale can take place.

We are happy to assist you with information regarding your object, or to give you an update on the current market demands.

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